SERVICES Need help installing that new printer, scanner, Web camera, or other high-tech peripheral? Our expert technicians come directly to your place of business to provide on the spot assistance for malfunctioning laptops, desktops, servers and peripherals. With economical around the clock service rates, we can keep your business essential equipment running 24 hours a day, 7 days a week..

If your business needs assistance with connecting high-speed Internet access to your Local Area Network or establishing secure VPN or Wide Area Network connectivity between branch offices, Around the Clock Information Systems can design and deliver a scalable solution to meet your current needs and help you plan for the future..

Does your business have unique computing requirements that the big mass market retailers canít supply? Are you tired of waiting on your outdated, obsolete systems to complete CPU intensive tasks like Computer Aided Design, Multimedia Authoring, Graphics, etc.? The experts at Around the Clock Information Systems understand these specialized requirements and can custom design or procure the Workstations and Servers your company needs to execute those CPU intensive applications in record time! Are you unsure whether to upgrade or replace your current PCs, Servers, or other hardware? Our knowledgeable staff can help take the guesswork out of the purchasing process by comparing your present and future needs against your available resources. Since Around the Clock Information Systems is not in the business of selling thousands of computer systems, we promise to provide you the most cost effective customized solutions for all of your hardware needs.

When was the last time anyone vacuumed or blew the dust out of your PC, printer, or FAX machine? If you answered ďaround six months agoĒ or ďI canít rememberĒ then itís probably been too long. Just like all other machines and equipment, computer systems require regular routine maintenance too. Since Around the Clock Information Systems is able to perform on-site service on your premises 24 hours a day, we can provide both emergency and routine maintenance outside of your normal business hours if that is what is most convenient for you. If you have the kind of business that never shuts down we can arrive during your off-peak hours. Minimize downtime with our fast, on-site services. Our maintenance agreements are completely customizable to meet the needs of your organization.

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